The Islands


The Little Island

The rich grass of this island helped fatten the Islanders’ cattle. This island bears the remains of a herdsman’s dwelling.



The most westerly of the Blasket Islands, there has been a lighthouse there since 1870. This island had been a source of feathers for the Islanders’ bedding. Puffins were hunted on Tiaracht for food.

Inis Tuaisceart

North Island

Inhabited in early Christian times, this island has the remains of an oratory known as Brendan’s Oratory. It was inhabited for short periods during the nineteenth century. Potatoes were grown here, and sheep fattened.

Inis na Bró

Island of the Quernstone

This island was inhabited until the middle of the last century. It provided summer grazing for sheep and cattle of the Great Blasket. Caves on the north face were a favoured seal-hunting location.

Inis Mhic Uibhleáin

Mac Uibhleáin’s Island

This island was the home of the Daly family until it was abandoned in 1904. The remains of an early monastic site are also present. In more recent times, this was the summer home of Charles Haughey, former Taoiseach.

An Blascaod Mór / An tOileán Tiar

The Great Blasket / The Western Island

5.2km long and 1km at its widest point, the village on this island lies at its eastern end and faces the mainland. Below the village lies An Trá Bhán (the white strand). Great Blasket is 5km by boat from Dún Chaoin Pier.

Inis Tuaisceart (North Island)

Great Blasket

Tiaracht (Westerly)

Inis na Bró (Island of the Quernstone)

Inis Mhic Uibhleáin

Beiginis (The Little Island)

The Haughey family have recently donated an archive of personal papers relating to Inis Mhic Uibhleáin. Visit the Blasket Centre to consult this material.